Extinguish Plus is a fire ant bait that provides dual treatment to control fire ants. The insecticide kills the adults and the insect growth regulator (IGR) stops queens from producing fertile eggs. It is safe for indoor and outdoor use and follows all USDA quarantine regulations.

**Extinguish can be easily blended into your fertilizer!**

A single gopher can inflict major damage on the plants and fruits in a garden within a brief time. The soil tilled up by gophers can damage or break parts of farming machinery as it passes over mounds of churned-up earth. In fact, horseshoe-shaped mounds of dirt are indicators of gopher activity nearby. Gophers may gnaw into utility cables, sprinkler systems, and plastic water lines to maintain their rapidly-growing teeth or to get a drink from your water supply. This is a more difficult kind of impact to assess because it is hidden from view.

We have in stock gopher baits, and rent the gopher plow for just $85.00 per day!

Ants are an ever present pest!

Surrender Fire Ant Killer is a systemic insecticide used to treat fire ant infestations. This can be sprinkled as a dust over ant mounds for simple and effective control.

Ferti-Lome Come and Get It! Fire Ant Killer uses the naturally occurring active ingredient Spinosad to control fire ants in your lawn, and in and around your plants. The bait granules are taken back to the colony to be fed to other ants. 


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